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I'm a trash bin filled with charisma.

I'm the king weeb, I love matsuoka rin and pretty boys, I like drawing btw. Also I post NSFW ocassionally, nothing terribly explicit though (mostly).

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Nothing changed, but everything is so different



How To Deal With A Crush

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How To Draw Better In 2 Minutes

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tbh if my friends hadn’t given me so much shit about looking like a boy i’d probably still wear really plain clothes and not really give a shit about waking up in the morning to fix my hair and my makeup

like i didn’t have ny self esteem back then either but at least i didn’t give a shit about how I looked now i’m constantly worried about my face and my hair and i can’t go a day without makeup or i feel horrible so it’s like I don’t give a shit confidence vs. i’m fucking trash i give up confidence

so yeah the point is that fuck all of them i want to be ugly again i didn’t get harassed or catcalled when i looked like a boy and i felt more comfortable with myself but now i can’t be ugly again because i’ll feel even worse and even uglier


ok but an anime of this manga would destroy me [x]


 #clearly the look of someone who should never be a firebender but is

Bottom!Rin (Sharkbait)



Easy Peasy Melty Face (Translated. Contains: Nippleplay, penetration.)

Kono Tashika na Taion wo Kimi ni Sasagu (Translated. Contains: Penetration, really cute story.)

Magical Temptation (Translated. Contains: Bondage, blowjob, bottoming from the top.)

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Goes to belgium-> learns how to feel like i’m a bad person by spending my own money -> learns to feel like a worse person by having people spend money on me -> goes back home -> spends money and cries